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Safety Auditing

Safety and health auditing identifies problems which may exist, sets up a system for management to correct the problems, then follows up to ensure that the corrective action has been effective. Procedures must be in place to ensure that regular and effective audits of the safety and health management system are undertaken.


Audits can be used by an organisation to review and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of its OHS management system.  An OHS management system audit program should be established to review the conformity of the organisation's OHS management system to standards and or legislation.


Planned OHS management system audits should be carried out by personnel from within the organisation and / or by external personnel selected by the organisation, to establish whether the OHS management system has been properly implemented and maintained.


Individuals selected to conduct the OHS management system audits should be competent and be selected in a manner to ensure objectivity and impartially in the audit process.

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