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Training - Lead Auditor Training Course


  • 28 October - 1 November 2024

  • ​31 March - 04 April 2025

  • 21 - 25 July 2025

  • 20 - 24 October 2025

The Lead Auditor Course is completed over five days and is ALIGNED to the following competencies:

  • BSBAUD411 – Participate in Quality Audits;

  • BSBAUD412 – Work within Compliance Frameworks;

  • BSBAUD511 – Initiate Quality Audits;

  • BSBAUD512 – Lead Quality Audits;

  • BSBAUD513 – Report on Quality Audits;

  • BSBAUD514 – Interpret Compliance Requirements;

  • BSBDAT501 – Analyse Data;

  • BSBTWK502 – Manage Team Effectiveness;

  • BSBOPS504 – Manage Business Risk;

  • BSBWHS521 – Ensure a Safe Workplace for a Work Area;

  • BSBWHS613 - Evaluate the WHS Performance of an Organisation; and

  • BSBWHS614 - Conduct a WHS Audit under the guidance of a Lead Auditor.



This course is designed to provide the trainee with an understanding of the processes of auditing as it relates to management systems.


The course is designed to allow system audits to be performed based on a known set of auditing principles. Utilising these principles, audits will be able to be completed against any management system or framework.



  • Knowledge of the application of management systems with particular emphasis on ISO45001.

  • Be able to complete an audit utilising the requirements of AS/NZS ISO19011.

  • Be able to establish an audit strategy based on accident / incident trends, risk profiles and system requirements.

  • A broad understanding of the scope of an auditor's responsibilities.

  • Ability to commence application for recognition as an OHS auditor.



This training course is designed for personnel responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining corporate audit programs;

  • Mentoring audit teams;

  • Conducting audits on contractors / suppliers;

  • Conducting pre-qualification audits on contractors / suppliers. 


This course would also benefit those persons wishing to have a greater understanding of the auditing techniques used by third party auditing bodies with respect to management systems.



Introduction and Overview On Auditing

  • Definitions e.g., what is an audit?

  • Overview of national and international approaches to management systems.

  • Complete understanding of ISO45001 or equivalent.

  • Categories of audit.

  • Understanding of how to audit risk assessments.


Auditing skills

  • Explanation of auditing standards AS/NZS ISO 19011.

  • Pre-audit planning.

  • Document review.

  • On-site auditing activities including entry and exit interviews.

  • Audit reporting and follow-up.

  • Audit personnel/teams (including identification of specialised expertise required).

  • Case study(s) demonstrating the application of management systems and how these systems should be audited taking into account both auditing methodology and the technical scope of the audit.


Communication and Relationship Skills for Auditors

  • Communication skills for auditors.

  • Relationship skills for auditors (with auditees and within audit teams).

  • Role play exercise in auditing.

Legal and Ethical Aspects of an Audit

  • Legal liabilities of auditors eg.

  • Due diligence auditing.


The course is generally run for 40 hours. Participants who pass the assessments are issued with a Certificate of Completion ALIGNED to the competency units listed above, whereas those who are not competent are provided with Certificates of Attendance.  

To register for a course see below


Registration Information

Course Title:    Lead Auditor Training Course

Timing:             8.00am - 5.30pm daily

Location:         Darra Motel and Conference Centre

                          2704 Ipswich Road 

                          Darra Qld 4076

Phone:             07 3375 5047


Accommodation is available at the venue.


Parking:           Parking is available at the venue and is free of charge.

Course Cost:   $AUD3000.00 (2024 courses) per participant.


Includes workbook, standards and meals. Credit Card payments attract a surcharge.


Cancellations / Substitutions

Cancellations received up to 21 days in advance will be fully refunded and 7 days in advance will be refunded 50%.  Please note, if you do not cancel and do not attend, you are still responsible for payment. Substitutions are accepted at any time.




Sharon Carvolth

Sharon Carvolth is the Principal of Audit Services International and has written and prepared this course. Sharon has extensive audit skills and experience including, writing numerous organisational audit protocols and mentoring multi-disciplinary teams. Sharon is recognised by Exemplar Global for Lead Auditing as a safety, quality and environmental auditor. An energetic presenter, she stimulates, challenges and encourages all attendees to produce their best when auditing.

Carolyn Gentle

Carolyn is an Occupational Health and Safety specialist with a focus on business improvement, project management and organisational change. She has been working in a consultancy capacity since 2015, primarily developing Safety and Health Management Systems and conducting detailed legal compliance audits. Prior to this, Carolyn has 13  years’ experience in a variety of site and corporate, systems and operational roles within Health, Safety and Environment in the Queensland Mining industry. Carolyn is a confident and experienced trainer and facilitator. Carolyn worked previously in the Allied Health field as a Genetic Counsellor and a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor for Queensland Health. 


Vicki Mann

Vicki has a systems background in mining and has experience in the development and implementation of management systems. Vicki has been auditing Health and Safety Management Systems with Sharon for several years, both as a team auditor and a lead auditor.  Vicki is recognised by Exemplar Global as a Lead Auditor for health and safety management systems.  Vicki has an extensive background in training, including lecturing at a leading NSW University for risk, systems and behaviour.

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