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Privacy Policy

For the purpose of this policy a record means:

  • A document

  • A database (howsoever kept)

  • A photograph or pictorial representation of a person

but does not generally include

  • A generally available publication

  • Anything kept in a library, art gallery or museum for the purposes of reference, study or exhibition



The following principles shall apply to the collection, maintenance, storage and use of personal information at Audit Services International:

  1. Personal information shall not be collected for inclusion in a record, or in a generally available publication, unless the information is collected for a lawful purpose related to the functions of Audit Services International and the collection is necessary to the function of ASI.

  2. Where ASI collects personal information, ASI shall take all steps to ensure that before the information is collected, or as soon as practicable after the information has been collected, that you are made aware of - a. The purpose for which the information is being collected,                                                                                 b.  The collection of the information is lawful via Privacy Act 1988.

  3. ASI shall minimise the collection of personal information so that it is not seen as an invasion of privacy, however the information that is asked for is requested for good management of ASI.

  4. Any information provided by you shall be maintained under ASI records management system, as described in the Policy Manual,  Records containing personal information are shredded as part of disposal.  Electronic data is protected through password controlled systems.  Access to personal information is restricted to authorised ASI personnel.

  5. Personal information retained on you includes the information recorded on the enrolment forms, examinations, assignments, evidence for RCC/RPL etc., feedback forms and other ASI documentation.  As stated in 4, each of these records is maintained in accordance with the Policy Manual by ASI.  ASI record maintenance is completed at the Administration Office, 11- 15 Delamore Court, Chuwar, Qld, Australia, 4306.

  6. In the event that you require access to your information, please contact the Administration Office              (+61 429294334) for assistance.

  7. ASI will not alter personal information that you have provided unless you have provided authorisation to do so.

  8. The information provided by you shall be considered valid until you notify ASI of any changes.

  9. ASI will not use your personal information for purposes other than that for which it was collected.

  10. If required under law, your personal information may be passed onto the relevant Government Department.

  11. Distribution of your records will be limited to the following:

       a.  You

       b.  Audit Services International

       c.  Your employer, where the employer is Audit Services International client, with your written permission,

       d.  Other training bodies, with your written permission.  However, this can only occur if you are advised                    beforehand and you have provided written authorisation.

       e.  Organisations or individuals nominated by assessee, in agreement with ASI, only if assessee provides                  written authorisation.

12. Your personal information will not be disclosed unless -

       a.  You have been made aware of the requirement;

       b.  You have been consented to the disclosure;

       c.  ASI believes that the provision of the information will prevent or lessen a serious imminent threat to life              or health of the individual concerned or another person;

       d.  The disclosure is required or authorised by or under law;

       e.  The disclosure is necessary for the enforcement of criminal law.



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