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HSEC Training - Capability Statement

We are pleased to offer the following training services.


Risk Management






Accident Investigation






Document Control









Management Systems

Services Provided

Detailed Explanation

Benefits to the Organisation

Risk Management - Enhanced S1 course

Essential understanding of the most significant driver to your business from a legal and business management perspective. Targeted to address all levels of the business.


Accident Investigation - Enhanced S2 course

Allows your personnel to appropriately investigate events based on risk, to allow relevant business learning and implementation of suitable action to prevent recurrence.


Document Control - Document controller training, User training

Segregated training to suit the needs to administrators and users to ensure that all personnel are active users of the documentation assisting in the management of the business through the use of current versions of documents.


Management Systems - Management training, Supervisor training, Operator training

This will underpin that the management system is the framework to manage the risk. It will also address the content and structure of a management system and that it is based on the PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT cycle, and is relevant to all personnel in the workplace

Enhanced S1 course






Enhanced S2 course






Document controller training


User training






Management training
Supervisor training
Operator training

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