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Training - Internal Auditor Course

The internal auditor course is completed over two days (and generally on your site).

The course is ALIGNED to the following competencies:

  • BSBAUD411 (Participate in Quality Audits); and

  • BSBAUD511 (Initiate Quality Audits).


The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Understanding auditing methodology from audit planning to reporting audit results;

  • Understanding the relevant management system standards (e.g. ISO9001, AS4801) and the role of the management system in assisting organisations to operate effectively and efficiently;

  • Understanding the requirements for procedures, work instructions, process improvement plans and other documentation that support the management system and the document control techniques applicable to such documentation;

  • Understanding the relationship between the management system and the business process and the need for the management system to enhance business performance;

  • Understanding of the different types of audits, the makeup and function of internal audit teams and the role and responsibilities of the audit team leader;

  • Understanding auditing etiquette and the importance of relationship building with the auditee and within the audit team;

  • The course is generally run for 8 hours per day and consists of an open book assessment and competency assessment based on role plays. Participants who pass the assessment are issued with a certificate of attainment, whereas those who do not pass the assessment (or who choose not to sit the assessment) are issued with a certificate of attendance.


The course is generally completed on site, so that practical auditing skills can be utilised straight away.

This provides your business with two benefits:

1. Some of your management system can be audited; and

2. The training is both competence and theory based.


Classes are structured around facilitator / participant interface. When there is one facilitator present the maximum number of participants should be 12.

For 13 - 20 participants there should be two facilitators present.

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