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Auditing, Training and Consulting in Management Systems

Audit Services International is the leading mining industry consultancy for safety and health management systems implementation, maintenance, auditing and training.


The firm is engaged by the NSW and Tasmanian Mines Departments to train Mines Inspectors in auditing and management systems compliance requirements.  The Queensland and NSW Mines Departments have used the company to conduct audits to define the level and  adequacy

of the management systems in place.  We have consistently held contracts with BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Yancoal Australia, Glencore (previously Xstrata), Anglo Coal and other major mining companies throughout industry downturns.  The firm is considered as the “go-to” company when a decision needs to be made on system compliance, legal compliance or for a high level “risk assessment”.


To provide an integrated consulting service to clients to assist them to achieve their triple bottom line, with a high level of focus on employee safety.



To be the first choice HSEC

consulting / auditing / training organisation in the mining and heavy industry sector in Australia.


Work ethic / Reliability

Commitment to detail / Accuracy

Client focused / Timeliness


Fact based decision making


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